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frame drop when summon :3 and u can't skip dialogue when get the new hero on summon lol



Disclaimer: Sorry for belated review, LotGH and DNT were a handful to swallow, so the review is way later than my Translation Guide. Search #reviewformat in Notes for references of terms and comparison in my review. TL;DR: I am only in it for Slayers, and I don't know every other characters. So...I am so confused [暈] This is a melting pot for all the Fantasia winners (ファンタジア大賞). If you are dedicated fans of the entire list of winners, you gonna love this. If not, you are just as confused as I am. Is it good? It is fair. The only complaint: GACHA TAKES WAY TOO LONG... (might have improved? Do tell me all the details) Progression & Difficulty - Early Game: Easy and fair Mid Game: Still within feasible range Late Game: Hate to say - I should have rerolled for a better starting deck; and I regretted nothing for having Lina! She's the only character I know! End Game: I am going to kill myself! I just need that same gacha twice to beat it!!! (Pray to Gacha God everyday) Time Consumption:Reward - SbCG. High tier time consumption for sure. TC:Reward at around 2:1 to 3:1. Varies depending how much you want, how much actual time you can spend and how strong your starting deck is (again, I didn't reroll and I regretted nothing) VAGS - Visual: Great 2D arts, and that's it... Audio: With endless amount of VAs doing VOs and 1-liners, this is the best audio entertainment for the fans. Even if you are not, you still have to appreciate Gameplay: Complain all you want for the similarities it has from FGO...I mock Genshin Impact hard, nothing changes the mindset of the poor F2Pers. Give them anything free, even if it is a duplicate, they will swarm all over it and sing grace everyday... Story: If you are expecting a Marvel Cinematic Universe level of coherence and structure for this game, no, you only get a sub-par version, but still, you should appreciate the grand scale of mess they have to crossover with to produce this game. ---------- Honest Review: I could be meaner on the score since it is a DMM game, but I think it is fair enough. The gacha rate and power difference between rarity are making this harder. I expect the bottleneck hits quite soon for casual players that didn't reroll. Since it's a DMM game, please be patient, they will fix those issues as it develops (unless the sales is going down the drain and under the sea). The sheer number of 2D arts and the number of VAs should be more than enough for any casual fans. Of course, if you are a dedicated fan, probably in a year or less, DMM shall grant you your wish and start releasing the special versions. I can't say anything on its system and gameplay, it is pretty much the standardized version without any remarkable traits. But these were never meant to be the selling points of this game. So gamers, whine less about the similarities and the copycat issues. We can't take down Genshin Impact for the exact replica of UI and artstyle; we can't take down Mobile Legend for copying League of Legends; so we can stop moaning over the plagiarism issue. I understand it is a noble act to call it out, but when it is becoming an acceptable social norm, just let it be. Humans repeat history. History doesn't repeat itself. Finally, despite all the hates against its alleged plagiarism, we all should at least appreciate the story. You don't get to see cross-over in such a large scale all the time. At the very least, give them credit for that.

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