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HAGANE Girl's Tank War

HAGANE Girl's Tank War

HAGANE Girl's Tank War



la galeria esta buenisima y la historia es muy graciosa, pero la dificultad sube en picado, a veces los controles no responden, el esceario muchas veces carece de sentido cualquiera y el juego esta MUY abandonado.
una pena, porque me hubiera encantado seguir viendo como avanzaba la historia, aparte, la traduccion al ingles es muy mala y la musica (sacando unos temas del menu) cansa y se corta al cambiar de pantalla de forma repentina.

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This game had alot of soul putting into it, the character voices and quotes are funny and nice to listen too, way too much unnecessary thing in the tutorial, dont get me wrong its good and hilarious, tho i feel like im a bit late, combat feels ok, movement a bit sluggish and cover barely make any different, strategic point are needed to do something, bosses hardly move and you are forced to enter its range to enter combat which is not good. The thing is that event seems to be dead with no updates, gacha is missing not sure if i havent unlock it yet or the server just die, doesnt seems to get update or news anytime soon, the game had too much potential and i rlly enjoy it, until the point where mech and ugly design start to pop up instead of beautiful ww2 tanks, i want to keep this game alive but im nobody, i hope the dev can actually read this and revive the game or atleast make some change, just installed a gem and dont want to scratches it at all

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is this game is still alive???

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