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Touhou Dungeon Dive

Touhou Dungeon Dive

Touhou Dungeon Dive

Bobloljire A.S.


mmm i give a meh to this game. please redesign the character faces its looks boring dude Hope they add character voices and a matchin boss theme music, but most importantly they have spiders!!! huge spider!!! oh my gawd im arachnophobia and im an absolute dead meat dealing with this game...

but i if youre not scared of spiders or somethin, i think theyre cute....

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Well, don't expect "Binding of Isaac" levels of complexity. It's fun enough, but you won't be blown out of your chair. Graphics: Fairly primitive, but with game having a top-down camera you won't be appreciating models a lot. Stages got variety in "elements", but otherwise feel rather bland. Lights from attacks are bright and pretty. Sound: Your character determines the BGM you'll be listening to for the rest of the run. Bosses got some music rotation, but most of the time it's just Bad Apple (and not even a remix). Track choices are mostly alright. And with tracks switching out with your characters you can avoid the "Greenwich" issue of Lost Word. It fine, really. Gameplay: Gather stuff, defeat enemies, dodge attacks, die, repeat. Usual rogue-like gameplay. Seems like there is a total of 1000 levels to clear, judging by achievements. Sometimes attack hitboxes are wonky. Player controls also use floating joystick, so that's gonna need some getting used to. Other than that? Fairly solid time-killer. Storyline: Some "Solaris?" thingie appeared along with a weird dungeon so you're trying to get to it as variety of characters racing other characters or something. It's just a reason for game to happen, fine for what it is. Not really speaking the language to give any more input. Value: All in all good game, not spectacular. Gachas are as overpriced as ever, but you get a few free rolls for clearing achievements. Just play the game normally and it'll be fine.



Why do you need internet to play this game? There is only 1 boss music rn and its "Bad Apple" , which does not fit with any boss. The model looks boring, i thought it was touhou CB's but its not, its just a texture slap into a 3d model, the eye and mouth doesnt interect, and combat feel slow Could become a decent game infuture if they add more musics, change the boss music, redesign characters and cosmetics. And make it completely offline, there is no reason that you need internet to play this game, evenhen you do log into the game and start playing, turning internet off wouldnt even affect the ingame, so i dont see anypoint at all to had an internet barrier

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