Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak | Global

Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak | Global

Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak | Global

P Stands for Pupunator


Soft Review: Im a fan of anything that resembles Final Fantasy so when I saw Eternal's cover image it immediately attracted my attention bc of its pre era Final Fantasy art! The visuals is really amazing its like those mmorpgs we use to play. The sound is really suited for the game it feels like youre adventure is grand and majestic. I played tons of mmo back in the days and Eternal's gameplay seems bland and just stale and coming from Asobimo people who revolutionized mmorpg on mobile phones this isnt innovative. Story isnt compelling and you dont have a sense of fulfillment at all!

Eternal is a grand mmorpg on mobile and its unique on its own but the gameplay is just a copy of what other mmo's are like.

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Asobimo I love you Another great mmorpg in your style Beautiful old-school graphic soundtrack heaven to the ears About plot I can't say anything because I don't know Japanese that well enough to describe it to you But one thing is for sure the game is worth installing



I can't understand crap and this one needs vpn if you get that 85000006 error. I wish this game gets a global release but considering it's asobimo seeing a horse fart has bigger chance than seeing a global release of this Edit: Does anyone know when's the global gonna release?

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