Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Otome-tachi

Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Otome-tachi

Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Otome-tachi

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Disclaimer: I am familiar with the franchise and had played various versions of the franchise. Not a fan boy, just passionate. TL;DR: This is a game for the fans of Sakura Wars franchise. If you are one of those OG idol anime fans, idols, songs, actions, mechas, this one has it all. If you are just a gamer looking for a game to play, this might not live up to your expectation. Apologies for the belated review. Too many Notes to write. Standard and simplified infos for gamers - Progression & Difficulty - Early Game: Looks easy Mid Game: Can be handled with some thoughts Late Game: Highly depending on gachas and further releases of different assets (like amulets) End Game: I think only fans of the franchise can last till the end, but not hair-pulling insanity level Time Consumption:Reward - MG/SbCG Tier (refer to my Note on the terms, search #reviewformat). If you are looking for massive rewards proportional to your time investment, this might not exactly be your cup of tea. Approximately 2:1 or 1:1 Quick Reference for comparison: I would rate - Magicami at 1:2 JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop at 1:1 GBGW at 1:3 (To be explained in my Note on the over-compensation issue) Aigis A at 2:1 (it's really a pain in the reward department) Hero*Senki WW at 1:1 DanMachi - Memoria Freese at 1:2 Fighting Souls at 3:1 Zold:Out at 5:1 Terra Battle at 5:1 Goblin Slayer: Endless Revenge at 4:1 or 3:1 Monster Hunter Riders at 3:1 or 2:1 VAGS: (new review feature) Visual - Standardized fair quality with above normal animation for signature moves Audio - VA alone should put it above the usual pay grade Gameplay - Standardized fair quality (leaning towards a resleeve//reskin version of FGO) Story - if you are not a fan, you will give it low. If you are a fan, you will overrate. So it is in the acceptable range of normal. The plot may get interesting as the game develops. --------------------- Honest Review: Let's just say I am not impressed, but I am satisfied with this game. It's hard to create a game that suits all needs. This one at the very least makes a slightly different battle system from FGO with its movement-and-attack option. Of course, you can talk with the pilots//idols//waifus in this game, so definitely a lateral upgrade? Is this a great game? Not exactly if you focus on the gaming aspect. Is it a fair legacy of the original series? Debatable. Does it carry over all the elements of the original series? Pretty much, except you really strategize a lot in the gameplay department for the previous titles. This one, leaves you to luck and how much remedy you can salvage from the gacha wreckage. This is a game made for fans, for the most of it. So if you are not a fan nor dedicated to the franchise, be nice, this is not a piece of trash. If you want trash, try Goblin Slayer - Endless Revenge, try LovePlus Every. Those trashes really don't need a re-introduction here. Likewise, to the fans, this is not a god tier "best game ever". I understand your compassion, but there are flaws, and there will always be flaws. To truly love one franchise doesn't mean you have to bear those pains and bury it just so to protect the franchise from being attacked by angry gamers. Like what I have said on Fighting Souls, I voiced my opinion loud and clear, the developer sees the issues and develop ways to fix it. The game can only be better when the fans scream at the developers' faces. So voice out all the flaws, be passionate for your game and start a real Sakura Revolution! Help them revolutionize their game and improve it. Start a kakumei! Just for fun: Raise your flag! (Gundam reference for those poor orphans who still didn't get their game by 2020, guess it's another year to wait) #makeachange #voiceoutasafan



Graphic : awesome, even though i change to low quality still good looking to me but sadly only 30 fps ( it will be better if there's option change to 60fps ) Sound : well is sakura franchise its familiar to me Gameplay : its feels like im playing old jrpg game but i really hate AP system just like FGO ( well i know is because DW ) Story : so far so good especially when shino following her mother path, hopefully she will meet her mother ( i believed nandeshiko ) Value : weeeeeeeeeeeelll its basicly like fgo so no comment oh yeah if you wanna play using vpn like expressvpn or kiwi vpn NOTE : I tried using my wifi and mobile connection without vpn and its works, i can play game without vpn ^^

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