A.I.M.$ -All you need Is Money-

A.I.M.$ -All you need Is Money-

A.I.M.$ -All you need Is Money-



just like compass we still have time to used to with control, but i still like this game because of music and the thing i don't like maybe the graphic they do not have to improve, still lag like a nightmare but i hope they will improve this [開心]

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jank finger breaking controls with a few unbalanced character's but it's still fun to play casually kekw

Noah Holt


I just hope an English ver comes out so I can read stuff. Aside from that while the gameplay can be a bit iffy at some points, like trying to dash and hop over obstacles but stopping short, the game is really fun so far. The music choices is also really great (so much so that I want to find a playlist with all of them on spotify or something). The game is solid imo and while some can claim that this might be dead in a like a year, as long as this recieves constant support such as updates, events maybe even characters, I think this will be really fun. The new Kick-Flight in my eyes.

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