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Tales of Erin | English

Tales of Erin | English

Tales of Erin

Arya wiratama


the game can stop an stuck at no apparent reason, in the middle of fight, or tutorial, or you just doing gacha, and you have to redo everything after that, so is there anybody here know the solution?
other than that, the gacha was fine, the gameplay too, the graphic n stuff was 8/10

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Bryan Gomulya


Pretty much a dead game since last year. JP had shut down and the only thing that Global server does is recycling old events. It's not going anywhere at all. Support is also terrible.

ifan slipknoters


great rpg game and i fall in love with it. good design character and easy to get them all. gacha in standard rate, very lucky if u get 3 *5 in one turn. atleast story gameplay will be add more soon. this game is so much potential, many way to up ur character and mess them to your own battlefield.

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