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Dot Romance

Dot Romance

Dot Romance



it was a fun game but it was also the weirdest game i have played in my life but i still liked it

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It's an easy to follow story. If you're like me, trying to find some otome games to play and practice your jp, or just wants to kill some time, I recommend you this game. You can guess what dialogue options will get you favor with which characters, and the story isn't complicated, it also tries to make itself a little more than "still images". The protagonist got cursed, so now every in-game ikemen is a dot. The more you gain favor with them + the more the protagonist comes to like them, they'll slowly change shape to something more human. The only tricky part of the game (for me) was getting to the tanuki route, but you can search a walkthrough online. There are also extra stories after you've finished the route, and a story of 2 male leads interaction with each other after you've finished both of their routes. There is 1 bad ending (where it seems you don't get with anyone), but I'm not sure if there are more. Apparently there's a voiced version now, but I haven't played it. I enjoyed the game with the no voice version. Also, in case anyone was wondering, you can unlock the last form of the male lead by trying to not gain any favor with him, so you just need to make him hate you. That's only possible with the classmates if I'm not mistaken.

Sam Sy


Simple school setting story but was really great for reading practice. It was also really fun to see the charas evolve from a block of colour to an ikemen. Their reactions during the sprite phase were also really funny 😂

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