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Open beta till 7 Dec. No premium shop for OBT so i fill the value as N/A. Let's start from the visual, for me the visual is really good. As you can expect from im@s game, the card illustration, chibi chara, even the idol visual design is good. I like the color scheme and art direction for this one, simple yet colorful. Also the UI design is easy to navigate. The gameplay is similiar like all of those match 3 (or more), so if you ever play that kind of game, you can play this one easily. They have a tutorial that easy to follow too, so don't be afraid about can't read japanese. The only different is you can make a "Loop link" with the same color, so you make a "circle" with your link, this method will net you a bigger score and getting a kagayaki (sparkle) inside those circle to fill a special bar that will drop a crystal to perform an unit appeal once you tap it. Now i will tell a bit about the unit and idol management, you make a unit with 3 idol, give a name for those unit, set the skill and accessories for the idol to increase the score, you can also change their costume and stuff related but currently not available for OBT. You can also lvl up the idol faster through training (exp from live play is kinda small). To increase the rarity of the idol you get (from 1* to 7*) you need a dupe (will break into fragments when you get one) and some gold. There's a stamina system, 1 live cost you 1 stamina. The refill time for 1 stamina is 30 mins. You only have max 10 stamina (at least so far i don't see an increase in stamina max cap when you rank up). To rank up your account lvl, you need to perform a "Popmas Fes" l, basically just a live with some challenge like reach a certain score. Also 1 live is only last 60 sec, so you need to think and react really fast to get a bigger score. The only exception is if you using a gem for getting an item to increase the time limit each time you play. Overall, this im@s is quite refreshing. You don't need a lot of time to play for each session which is perfect if you're busy with irl stuff but still want to enjoy playing im@s and if you don't really care about being competitive. I will deffinitely playing this game again after the full release.

iqbal kaniqbal


if you into im@s and wanted to see your favorite idol from different brand performing together, this game got you covered

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