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that moment when you finally clear grievous lady


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Извините,но я не арахнида,чтобы успевать нажимать на все те ноты,что летят. но мне нравится

Stale Bread


A really good rhythm game with a heckin weird storyline that I have been playing for over a year now and I am still having a lot of fun. Currently at ptt 11.40 as of right now. It introduces a new gimmick called Sky Input where there are notes coming towards you from the top portion of the screen and really fun idea that can make up a whole variety of chart designs in this game. but pls note that you have to play money to play this game at its full potential and i do not recommend for casual players, especially when playing the Future/Beyond difficulties. [難過] also i need to tell you that PREGG BAD and Modelista good [厲害] and lowiro pls bring bacc chunithm partner events i want chuni penguin Edit: July 16..... THE LOWIRO GODS HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS AAAAA

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