My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | Traditional Chinese

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | Traditional Chinese

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero | Traditional Chinese



o jogo e otimo valeu muito apena ter esperado lançar mais o problema são pra aqueles que não consegue entrar ou os cenarios fica tendo bugs ou fecha o jogo isso n e o meu caso mais a maioria ta tendo isso

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first impression review in short: a honkai clone but with too much grind aspect good graphics -no frame skipping which causes the fame to run poorly on older models, unless you want global slow mo in battle -might have some difficulty in navigating ui due to the open world aspect -iida tenya dosent speak when fighting, maybe its intentional? -music is louder than voice acting in cutscenes each hero has different playstyle, satisfying when played right -kept locking on dead enemies, which disrupts the flow of combat -enemy indicator is not the best -some skills will not be used by ai or they play poorly -iida tenya is not well balenced for the game's content, performs poorly in most cases -there are roughly 12 stuff to make your heroes stronger -energy overflow is not allowed -forced to slow down at around chapter 6 when beginner mission only has a time limit of 8 days follows the story arc from the anime -qte in cutscenes which is unnecessary -considering the ammount of content you have to do, its not worth it to go the p2w route, unless you are fully commited to this game is the grind enjoyable? hard to say on one hand: oh wow this game is pretty fun on the other: THERE'S SO MUCH TO DO TO MAKE MY BOI STRONGER BUT THERE'S SO LITTLE ENERGY TO ACTUALLY DO. AND WHAT IS THIS FREE ENERGY REFILL ON 3 DIFFERENT TIME BS? IS THIS A 18 HOUR PER DAY GRIND LIKE ONMYOJI???!? jokes aside, this game is good by its own right, each hero are unique and dosent feel bland, but there's just too much to grind. maybe some like the overwhelming grinder, but it creates a super big power gap between the players. they should just make a 3rd person view moba/fighting game with these heores, or take notes from genshin's success

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how do you change this game to English.

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