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This review is based on a few hours of playing. I will mention it first, this is DMM games. Some people might know about this already, how bad they monetize their games. Also the 18+ ver is on DMM website/app, just google it. I won't post the link here. In this game, theres is a paid and free premium currency. If you paid with money, you're guaranteed with 5* rarity and any other benefit for whaler. There's a few banner for gacha like 6 or 7. If this aspect is your biggest concern, stop reading now and don't play this game. Now the visual, it's average tbh. I think some people doesn't like the visual but i kinda like it, reminds me of those old fantasy theme jrpg. They have that classic look and colour paletes but not outdated either. The stamina system, for me it's quite bad. At start you have 50 stamina. But the story quest alone already using 10 stamina per quest. So you need to wait till full after 5 quest. Tho, the stamina cap is increased when you rank up you account level. The gameplay, to explain it in the easiest and simple way, it's kinda like priconne (not really but you have the general idea how it plays). That kind of game where the char is moving attacking the monster and you just need to tap the char portrait for skill. You can use full auto too. Now the difference is this game has 2 set of team, 1 team of 5 for atk and 1 team of 5 for "Orchestra". This orchestra team is a support team, giving various buff, debuff or dmg enemies when you use orchestra skill (setup max 3 skill). The feature, more or less the same as other waifu game. Lvl up, limit break, lvl up skill, equipment, raise up the affection with all chars, and something like potential/stats node. It's quite easy to navigate all those menu, the way they do things is kinda straightforward so you won't have a hard time figuring things out. Except the fact that if you want to read things but doesn't understand japanese ofc. That's all for my review, sorry it takes too long and thanks for reading.



эта игра браузерка 2017 года, похоже её перевыпустили с большими изменениями. На сайте dmm есть версия 18+. Правда я не заметил пока разницы. вначале много насыпают валюты. я собрал около 15 пятизвёздочных и прокачал большинство. тут основная проблема это прокачка персонажей, понадобится целая гора (8-10) дубликатов на каждого персонажа. также есть платные отдельные баннеры, в которых гарантированы пять звезд, что делает её не очень дружелюбной к f2p игрокам. и вылюта разделена на купленную и бесплатную, что иногда сбивает. в целом можно поиграть пока не надоест.

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