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God of High School

God of High School

God of High School



bem eu gostei e muito do jogo mais tem alguns erros primeiro disse pra atualizar mais não atualizou e agr n consigo nem logar e sobre os personagens que nao consigo escolher no tutorial

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one login per device per day is the worst. dev really make the game bad. maybe should change it to 'delete account' like sdsgc than that one login per day. reroll is not a bad thing to do. it makes the game more fun to start with the unit we like.



Similiar to One Piece Treasure Cruise, this game offer 1 tap turnbased combat experience with a little twist. Beautiful chibi design and comic like story telling might charmed you into playing this game. Unfortunately, the game's crappy translation and numerous typos make this game felt like the dev didn't even put their effort into it. They seems generous at first, giving everybody 100x premium summons and 2 Ancient God summons (best tier atm) but premium currencies is hard to get and by the looks of their microtransaction i doubt they would gave any more of this type of freebies. I only played for 3 days and i already discover 2 game breaking bugs that it should have been known and fixed since the game launch. One of the bug is mira yoo mission that if you rank up or combine the shard before the quest told you so, your mission would stuck on there. The second one is daily dungeon drops. Even tho in the result screen i got a drops, when i check the inventory, there is no drop that i got from that dungeon and it sad to see when i spent half hour to farm and got nothing. Microtransaction is sad to see, not only they lean to P2W side, they also offer VIP system as the proof this game is just cash grab. Also their voice acting quality is awful, its like people record the sound on different platform then dev put it in without tinkering the volume and the noise. The only thing i liked from this game is their character design.

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