Star Wars™: Starfighter Missions

Star Wars™: Starfighter Missions

Star Wars™: Starfighter Missions



For those who are really a fan of Star Wars it is a full plate.
For those who like STG it is also a full plate.

It's still in the beginning so I can't demand much. Lots of monetization. The English translation was good but there are still some accents and dots missing. The look is incredible. I hope that have enough events unpaid over time. There is still a lot of bug on the home screen (I can't save settings, change name or even enter the campaign. I don't know if this has to do with what I left in the middle of the tutorial). There are Premium passes.

If there’s anything else I’ve forgotten I’ll edit it here.

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Jericho Plissken


Updated Review: Ok. So I've now put some decent time into this and I wanted to update my opinion. Graphics: It's still and amazing looking game - can never take that away from it. However the skins have a tendency to look awful. You can make Slave 1 look like Boba's helmet. In a different art style, that might be cool. But with the movie-realistic level of detail, it seems off with the tone of the game. Sound: Music and sounds are fine. Gameplay: Still mostly fun. Can get a bit silly when capital ships cover the screen in bombs/missiles when you only have limited methods of countering or avoiding them. Can get a bit samey too. I like the concept of the new planetary support mode, but the implementation just feels like busy work. Maybe some pseudo PVP would work? You pit your squad vs AI squads stationed on the planet or something. Storyline: There isn't a storyline. At east not one that engages. Value: Terrible. The rates are truly horrible. The reliance on raising the grade of your ship to increase their power encourages spending. But you get very little for your money. I have Poe, Hera and Arvel - which should make me feel great. However they are some of the least effective units in my fleet, being orders of magnitude less powerful than Jek Porkins or some guy in an A-Wing called dicer. There's nothing I can do at this stage to improve them, besides pulling more (unlikely given the rates) or using the woefully inadequate pity system. Verdict: I want to love this. I really do, but it's predatory monetisation and lack of variety are pushing me to unistall. Also bring back Force Arena. Original Review: The level of detail is crazy. There are pilots from the movies, books and the X-Wing tabletop game. Gameplay is fine, though progress slows dramatically about a week in. Also rates are awful and the pity system is pitiful.

Namikaze Shiki


good graphic, but the gameplay is meh. so many monetization. heck, the power boost from duplicate gacha alone tell you a lot how this game try to get whaler.

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