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Ragnarok Stravius


it's a simple game I would like to compare to games like Papa's Pizzeria, a somewhat old Flash game from the internet. you have a food-truck that goes from place to place, or level to level, cooking what passerbys want to eat, sometimes it's a cup of juice, others times a pancake, and so on and so forth. after you cook well for the number of clients given in the level, you finish for the day (level) and have the opportunity to upgrade your stand to have more spaces to place cooked goods and stove spaces. being a Free-to-play game expect an energy system, as of now, i can i only play 5 levels in quick succession, but that's alright. overall, it's a nice game. only small problem i see in this game is the necessity to register through a third-party system, instead of letting you use stuff like your on Google Play account, although, i might be mistaken, i just went for the guest login. #Game_Gacha!

Usagi Kinomoto


Another game that brings my favourite messenger app LINE mascot characters to life. This time is a simple cooking simulation game. All the foods in each theme cafe looks so good, sometimes giving me a craving for it if I'm hungry enough 😆 As with all cooking simulation games, there are upgrades to help you through the game, but the storyline is pretty short. The main focus is the cooking itself, which gets progressively harder as you advance to higher levels. There are so many levels in each cafe, that it can be quite repetitive if you are trying to rush through it. My advice is to take it easy. It can be both fun and frustrating at the same time when you are trying to clear a challenging level, this requires you to be very responsive. Especially during the game event cafes, the customers can get impatient easily, and you have to churn out the foods real quick. At one point, I even started to think that I have to cook without moving my eyes away from the orders in order to make it work! Or maybe it's just me. Either way, this is a fun game to return to whenever you want to take a break. 😊

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