League of Legends: Wild Rift | Global

League of Legends: Wild Rift | Global

League of Legends: Wild Rift | Global



Practically just LoL adapted to mobile but more fast paced, the nexus doesn't have two extra turrets and just some small differences. For my 3gb ram phone, it runs smoothly although I turn on the 60fps option and play it at high definition resolution. Frame drop rarely happen for my phone so I have such a nice experience playing. As usual for anything, no matter what, there are a few flaws. The matchmaking system is just shit. Idrc about normal pvp matches, but when it comes to ranked game, it will be annoying. Gold and Silver tier got paired up with those unranked player is just urggghhh. Most of this unranked player just barely know the rules and pick randomly. Then, it's not really the problem of the game, but I must issue this problem regarding Chinese player. Well, some are good, like seriously, they can carry you like a God but most of them are just bunch of retarded ching chong who will chop your heart and get you demoted. Then there are A LOT, I mean it, a lot of dude who has Yasuo and Lee Sin syndrome but still bother to pick them. Hey, I am trash at them too, but at least I don't pick them.
Overall, good game as you can see with my rating here, most of the problem are on the players.

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olha o jogo é maravilhoso, graficos absurdamente incriveis, e ainda mais otimizados, skins que realmente valem o preço que custam. A gameplay do jogo é insana de bom. Se tiver um ping/ms bom, pode passar horas jogando. Riot mais uma vez mandando ver !!! O dificil mesmo é ping, para as pessoas que jogam no Brasil é ruim associada a esta questão. pra mim jogar eu preciso usar o vpn do Japão que é extremamente alto então fazer o que ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Caso vc tenha alguma pergunta de como baixar o jogo ou problemas que você esteja tendo pode falar que eu vou responder Resumindo roda até no micro-ondas



WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE OF DRAVENS filled with a flock of yasuo mains. boots can have lifesteal now. then have a great time by spamming yellow cards from tf and ended up autolock that jhin everymatch in rank just to realize you ended up with 3 adc team. so get your arse in here and enjoy the party before K/DA came in and broke your wallet disclaimer: this is not a rant but a glorious joke the game is the best moba experience you can get in mobile and they manage to retain that old LOL feeling but remember to autolock jhin [懵懂] and congrats the Bushrat is in the game now

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