The Throne of Girl | Traditional Chinese

The Throne of Girl | Traditional Chinese

The Throne of Girl | Traditional Chinese








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The game uses 1.87GB space, the download is pretty fast but the game is a bit laggy at times for me. The game currently only offer Chinese versions rip- The music and artwork in the game is amazing, the bgm is really beautifully made and CG looks great so far! The CVs are mostly nice but personally Im a bit disatisfied with Vergil's voice(CV. Hirakawa Daisuke), it sounds a bit off for me-- (but Hirakawa is still an awesome seiyuu) The plot is okay, it has its interesting moments but its nothing very special, choices you make affects favorability of the main characters. They have small side stories for the protags, you can ask them questions of what they like to increase favorability and give gifts to them. The gameplay is pretty interesting so far, you can dress up the protags to increase their combat power, you have 2 sets of clothes(for battle and for visual). There is a clawing machine where you can claw up materials to make new clothes or grab gifts for protags. You can go for fishing for more money which use up 5 energy per time, you have lots of free energy at first so yeah. They also offer you several 10 rolls and SSR rate isnt very low, I got 4 SSRs from the several rolls which is pretty surprising to me lol(Their gachas arent about cards, they are about clothes btw) They also have messaging system and call system, you can actually hang up on the phone calls lmao but you wont get it back rip(i tried once on accident and I never got the call again sorry Alex lmao) these are also ways to gain favorability from protags. The battle system is okay, you can have at most 6 protags on battle, at first you will only have Albert for awhile until you get 2 more new characters. You can press the characters to use their ability individually or as a group, you can see artworks and hear unique voicelines if you use it individually. Overall, great experience so far, its not a pay to win game, I think its pretty chill game to me so far, it has quite a lot of things to do and engaging so yeah hope my review can help some of you, ty for reading so far :')

Nur Khamelia Khusairi


I really like this game. the graphics and the art! I can't wait for this game in english version. this will be a big hit. this game like the 2 combination of MLQC and OM and I love it! [開心]

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