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Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese

miiya saki


hello everyone [厲害]
im newbie here just played this game over 1 week's at first i thought this game is bit boring before download ..after that i try download this game and play it everything is changing this game is so fun too play not hard at all easy to understand the battle function..and the story in this game not bad at all if you can understand the Japanese will be easier too enjoyed the show [開心]

graphic designing 2D Animation battle is soo nice to enjoying .. even this game using CHIBI character as Avatar on stage battle still have Impact when all Characters have different skill type Effective..
btw some weapons SR/SRR have similar effect like character skill gud luck to get it [開心][開心]

lastly about gacha beginner players first roll can get 1 SRR and 2/3 SR character only because they put it like this after that when you guys clear 7days reward get 1 more SRR character... if you f2P players when you done get 3 SRR character after that don't using more gem on character summons just focus on Weapons gacha complete set 3 SRR character with good weapons first if you don't have good weapons it's hard for you to clear next stage over then your total power point..
but if you don't want use like this is ok everyone have own play too enjoy [害羞][害羞]..that all from me gud luck and enjoy your days

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Game with the new app is pretty good. Posted a review on the Marvelous app, so it's pretty similar. Changes are that the game requires no VPN and you can run it on emulator. This works out great since the VPN crap turned people off from the game and screwed with a lot of players for being a buggy firewall. From way earlier, the game actually had a lot of bugs, such as freezing or sound disappearing. But the devs fixed it, so they do and will do the work to improve the game. Reason for the high ratings is as follows. Graphics: Best Live2D you can get in any mobage. Beats out even games like Azur Lane or Shiny Colors in this aspect. The card art is good too. Uses chibi models during actual gameplay, but it works well enough. Sound: The sound is good. The music overall is pleasant, the VAing pretty nice, and overall is just good. Gameplay: It's fun as a shooter semi schmup. The game can actually be pretty challenging depending on the boss and how much power level you have under the boss. Bosses are varied enough, from giant mechanical spiders, fox girl, katana lady, and ship. Course the usual loop outside of your challenges is grind as always in mobage, but it has an amazing QoL function that lets you repeat a map a number of time or until you are out of sanity. Would prefer skip tickets, but you can't have everything. If there's a mode that I want to come back, it was the battle royale pvp mode. Storyline: It's a good waifu game. The system reminded me of BGHS with the character stories, though they seem more intent on adding onto this. The additional text messages help to drive in the personality of the girls, an effective interaction mechanic with less cost. The story can be a bit weird at times, especially considering the MC, but he's likable enough. Value: This is the most important part. As a player who has been playing since the start, the 50 roll pity, 100 roll pickup pity, and 300 spark helps you not get screwed over in the gacha. The game throws many tickets for gacha. Currently 100% collection on limiteds. There are just a ton of sources for rolls. There is also a weapon gacha. This is normally a negative, but they give you rolls for it constantly, including the daily so I am willing to turn a blind eye. In addition, weapon spark is only a hundred rolls, which is really easy to save for.



Best Live 2d you'll find in a gacha right now, guaranteed. This game is good, characters, gacha, gameplay. EN version incoming, but don't wait, play this today. this is our discord https://discord.gg/dtMJy4f we are small but active

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