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Destiny Child: Defense War

Destiny Child: Defense War

Destiny Child: Defense War

Adhitya Pratama


Gamenya bagus, graphicnya bagus, soundnya juga fun. Cuman ga ada storyline yah namanya juga cuman tower defense, kl mau storyline mainin destiny child versi collect waifu hehe
Ini bisa kok dimainin orang yg f2p, kl ngeluh grgr susah lah, rngnya gitu lah gini lah. Ini namanya game strategy bro..kita harus mikir gimana ngatasin kondisi yg ga diinginkan. Gua ga asal ngomong, gua udh crown hampir 1000, dan ga mikir ini game susah. 👍👍 worth it[怪笑]

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whale vs f2p = a massive win for whales. tactic = is kinda important. not just in ur line up. but in the play too.. because of the boss skills?. chest = i really hate chest system like this.. why 1 instead of 4? i mean.. if u can have 4 chest at a time but u can only open 1. whats the points on having 4 slots? to me. that doesn't make sense at all. i know they're copying clash royale mechanics. but thats only work if they do it in 2010 or something. but now.. there are lots of pretty good rpgs and casual games. games like this where u need to open thr chest just to open it is kinda frustating.. pretty letdown to this kind of mechanics.. not only f2p players who be annoyed in this mechanics. whales too. gameplay = the game is pretty relaxing. so smooth.. i like the coop game by the way.. but.. i hope they can add single on that coop gameplay because.. i like to see how my line up is.. is it pretty good ot nahh.. before i play matches.. well they dont considet that possibility.. girls u can collect = is pretty mehhhh.. i like destiny child. but the fact that girls here are just the same as the girls in the original makes no sense to me yo rven collect all of them. if i can collrct them on the othet game. i hope they add some twist here where u can date girls or kinda interactive gameplay where u can wear costume or skins. something like that.. well. i know its just release the other day.. but for now.. this game is nahhh

Fredy L


simply, if u are not a whale, you cannot win from the whale. no tactic, no skill, no luck.. just money game.

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