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Seven Knights ll|Korean

Seven Knights ll|Korean

Seven Knights ll|Korean

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Because the original review was written when I'm almost fell asleep i decided to make a new review. P.S this review was made based on my 7 days of playthrough. Okay let's start. This is totally different from OG 7k. OG 7k is strategy game, wich make it unique, this one is like standard korean open world mmorpg. Kinda like black desert etc. Story: I can't read a damn thing. Dont ask XD Gameplay: Like i said before is like standard korean mmorpg. Quest point A to point B , get some exp and go on. The battle : You can auto the battle. But for celestial tower/raid i dont recommend auto battle. Avoid all red carpet at all cost. I hurt A LOT. Gacha : Standard 7k rate.... you people who play the OG must be know this. For the new people that want a try, i said it kinda abyssal XD. But they still give us summon tickets like the OG. (thanks to ShiroSora for reminding me) Graphics : Well its unreal engine what do you expect. Units : I can't read a damn thing, thats why google translate is you best friends in here, even their translation sometimes is kinda drunk XD Equips : This is new, it have so many sets, 5-7 sets if i remember wich each of it have different effects set. Once again google translate is you best friend just do it by your own damn self XD. Compared with the OG wich only have hydra for pve, dragon for pvp and the other one that i forgot. Overall its good but not great like its predecessor. I still recommend it to try it. But don't expect too much for now. Well i hope in the future they will add more feature to this game, such as skip battle, jump booster etc. Go give this game a try folks P.S they give us eileen at day seven. Red hero grade [鬼臉][鬼臉][鬼臉] Thank you for reading this review. If there's something miss/i forget to write above feel free to comment below. I will edit it. [開心]



man I'm quitting every English gatcha games Korean MMORBG'S games are really on a different level tbh they will give you lots of free stuff you don't even have to pay at all and you still getting tons good stuff i highly recommend this game the graphics are also on a next level pc quality game if you have some troubls with the language you can take a screenshots and translate them later not a big problem or you can always watch YouTube videos guides [哇噻][發困][睡覺][開心]

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