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Star Smash

Star Smash

Star Smash

Lecaton Explorador de Juegos


El juego es muy bueno. Ya desde el inicio muestra lo elaborado que está con el excelente BGM que posee y los mangas que usa para narrar la historia. El sonido y la interacción que promueve con el usuario lo hace inmersivo e interesante. El gameplay es divertido y de ritmo frenético, la calidad del diseño de los personajes de Disney en las cartas es bastante elevado, aunque quisiera más protagonismo de los mencionados personajes que tanto me gustan, es una excelente entrega, muy divertida y ahora entiendo porqué tanta gente lo esperaba. No lo pienses, pruébalo ya.
Primeros Minutos: https://youtu.be/bIdW5R9BNgg .

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Sarah Chamberlain


This game is really fun! Easy to learn gameplay, amazing music and art, and the gacha is accessible - I've done several 10-pulls in the last few weeks and gotten many SSR's without spending any money. I would recommend this game!

P Stands for Pupunator


Alright here's a proper review of Star Smash. First I want to let yall know that Im at rank 150 with all farmable cards max grade (except Lady Tremaine I have her at grade 74). We will discuss the meat of the game and why is Star Smash so addicting! Graphics: ★★★★★ - Character animations, style,manga and those Disney animefied art is gorgeous. Those monsters you fought kinda reminds you of the Heartless, Unversed and Nobodies that you face on Kingdom Hearts. The Disney stages are well built and very recognizable like Cinderella's Carriage, Under the Sea theme from Little Mermaid, Candy Racing Track from Wreck it Ralph, etc. Music: ★★★★★ - That eargasmic techno trance beat that slowly gets upbeat when you reach the boss wave will fill you with adrenaline.They did a great job on remixing tracks like Under the Sea, Moana Theme, A Whole New World, etc. Gameplay: ★★★★★ - Its like tennis no more like a pinball tennis like thing? I say both! This is what makes Star Smash so addicting the gameplay is simple as hammering the ball towards the enemy and bounces randomly making that crisp sound of dealing damage to a monster! Its so fucking simple that sometimes we forget that there is Ball Control in the game we just smash it and enjoy the time it bounces producing a very satisfying moment in our lives. Disney Cards have different skills and abilities that you can utilize in the game but forget it let the ball bounce until it ends bc its so effing satisfyin JK:)). Monsters and Bosses have their own elemental weaknesses its explained by an elemental chart. Here are some examples of skills and abilities. King: field ability - Explode, skill - Like a space dimensional slashing wave thingy Ariel: field ability - scatter teeny weeny balls, skill - You splash water to enemies. Ursula: field ability - same as Donald lightning that randomly strikes any enemies, skill - point and touch rocket system like Mr. Incredible's skill. Red Braves support buttons. Return Shot: getting the ball back from anywhere in the field and serving it again. Ult Button: perform an ultimate attack by tapping the gauge at the right spot to maximize damage. Storyline: ★★★★ - The Manga addition is great, honestlt I dont care much about the story lmao. Final Verdict: ★★★★.5 LMAO Energy or Stamina system isnt a problem in this game as you can grind for hours and hours to max grade a card though the 150% max grade bonus Elitist ruins the fun because most of the rooms wants to start with 900% chest bonus.

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