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Stand My Heroes | Japanese

Stand My Heroes | Japanese

Stand My Heroes | Japanese






抽卡方面也 非常非常非常 佛!


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pretty good game, ngl. it takes almost 800MB in my phone and that’s pretty okay for a game like this in my opinion. the graphics is good, i love the live2d and everything. i find the storyline interesting so that’s enough reason for me to play since the storyline is what i mostly need for this kind of games but the gameplay can also be a reason since i find it fun. [微笑] i admit that i got confused at some things first especially on how to create a takeover code but i solved it at last so it’s fine now. it’s also up to you if you want to play this but i recommend y’all to give this a try ! [厲害]



game takes about 825 MB! the art, is really gorgeous. 10/10 story alittle balnd, but still entertaining! 9/10 voice acting is amazing! 10/10 you get events, and gacha four diffrent gacha. event gacha, Normal gem gacha, and your hearts gacha has a few diffrent areas. one of them is for Rares, and I believe a SR you can sell cards to collect varrious things to exchange for Cards, Tickets, Gifts for your boy etc! It's an easy match 3 game, but still very fun! tip; Makoto likes cooking books and sweets most! his chest and shoulder( left) , is the best part to rub. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

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