Final Gear | Traditional Chinese

Final Gear | Traditional Chinese

Final Gear | Traditional Chinese



เวลาเก็บหุ่นประจำตัวละครครบแล้วมันฟินดีย์มาก แปลก...เกมส์ดีแบบนี้ไม่เข้าstoreไทย

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Huy Nguyen


game hay =))



The problems im having is the lack of things to do after clearing daily maps. Also the dumb allied a.i that kept eating attacks even when set to dodge. I wish they'd add a focus attack feature and hold ground. oh and i hope they dont do that event gacha banner lock that only uses an exclusive event currency(summon tickets) to pull only event units while locking u out from using the standard gacha. but anything else is great especially the graphics. hoping for an english release so i could optimize my teams easier.

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