Cardcaptor Sakura Repaint Record

Cardcaptor Sakura Repaint Record

Cardcaptor Sakura Repaint Record

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(Updated with new feature & score update) TL;DR: Great for Sakura fans and people who love changing costumes. It's like most 4-match games. If you like the story and the animation, you will love this. Difficulty according to progress: Early Game - Clueless Mid Game - Tons of fun & joy Late Game - Fashion design is hard End Game - "Mom, I am going to cosplay as a pro." Time consumption: Mobile Game Tier, pretty neat, 15 mins or so will be enough. Devils in the detail: Okay, the in-game animation and graphics (other than the costume designs), I feel like "I got attacked by bad CGs". A bit harsh on the graphic team, but I am not satisfied. The grinding is very real, but understandable, I mean, you think cosplaying is that easy huh? No, you suck it up, save up materials and grind hard to craft that one pretty dress. That's life. There is literally no VA other than repeatable lines fron the anime. What stands out most and the worst is the loading time. In this era, those long loading time in every game really bites us hard. If you grew up watching the first Cardcaptor anime, maybe this game is a bit too childish. But if you are a mom who wants to share something with your little boy/girl, this may be that connection you can try. Oh, and study Japanese hard, don't even think there will be an English version. Added value: As long as you have that parental thought of "having nice clothes for my cute little girl", yes, this is definitely for you.

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