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I don't know whether the dev want to make a puzzle game or an idle game. There is 18 puzzle for now (which isn't really hard to do) and of course, no tutorial to teach you how this game work. The game just throw you to the stage and ask you to kill peeps. In each stage, you can collect skeleton or watch ads for coin? which is totally useless to be honest. Coins can't be used to buy key(hint) since it's only for the idle game and the idle game is to get coin. (Nothing much to do inside the idle game.) There is nothing much for the puzzle and nothing much for the idle game. Maybe it's because the game is at early stage or maybe because it's just a crappy game. I can't seem to enjoy it. Welp, at the very least I like how the game tell us that we only live once. that's the only positive thing I can give to this game.




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