Digimon ReArise | Global (English,Chinese,Korean)

Digimon ReArise | Global (English,Chinese,Korean)

Digimon ReArise | Global (English,Chinese,Korean)

John Ellis


i like this game and herrismon is so cute. besides i always like digimon so much ever since what happened to digimon linkz i missed that game ever since in 2019.

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Curt Shillingford


There's only one thing I REALLY hate about this Digimon game, the fact that the Digimon be making pokemon sounds instead of actually talking and saying they moves whether it's English Japanese or Chinese I need to hear the moved being said, cause at the end of the day we all know pokemon make sounds(well with one or two exception) and Digimon speaks oh and ps. Loading screens take waaaaaayyyyy to long

Fadel Haru Oon


i love digimooon

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