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Grimms Echoes | Japanese

Grimms Echoes | Japanese

Grimms Echoes | Japanese



frame drop made this game almost unplayable
theres no setting to lower the graphic

for the content it is consist of hard grinding
of leveling and ability points (ap)

ap is used for all, characters skill level up and main characters passive skill

tips : make sure to spend your gold for potions
early game really need potions if you want to progress without going back to checkpoint everytime your health low

the enemies hit hard and the frame drop made it a bit hard to dodge
so make your parties with a dagger/1 handed sword/spear type to be easier to dodge

game is like console rpg so there is no energy and map isnt stage type, you get to full roam of map per episode
just think like kingdom heart

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ok, so i played it.... tbh its a nice game with star ocean(console) feel like battle gameplay though for whatever reason even i have a good phone when in-battle the battle is somewhat going slow-mo(i dunno if it has something to do with device compatibility) though its understandable since its just still new and hopefully sooner or later the devs will adjust the game for a better smooth gameplay. Overall its a good game and if you can handle the slow-mo(sometimes) battles then please continue, maybe some of you got a very high specs device that can easily bypass the lags and such then you have yourself a very quality game.



This game is great. The big concern is that this game require a lot on spec. If your phone isn't better LG v30, then this might not be for you. For gameplay, it took all elements from Alchemists game, improve it. Everything could be controlled by one hand which is what I love the most, but the criticise that I have would be the movement controller. I wish it could be less sensitive. Overall this game is great. It's one of the best this year after Idolm@ster shiny colors because these two games invent the new play style. Even if they didn't invent, but it's sure as hell that they improve it.

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