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World of Tanks Blitz MMO

World of Tanks Blitz MMO

World of Tanks Blitz MMO



If you aren't familiar with this game mechanic , I suggested you to watch the guide or understanding the playstyle with each tanks since when they had rebalance the low-tier game that made the game less fun.. anyway, good luck on the battlefield ( ^ω^)

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this game is really fun to play. for me its not P2W game. if u ever played this game in PC, that one is P2W for me. its diffrent. but when it comes to mobile device game. its either you good or not at aiming, strategy, teamwork effort, flanking and well communication. for those who said this tank OP, That tank OP and so on. actually all tank is not that OP. it is OP when you know how to use it and be one with the tank. even if you are in E100, if you keep missing your shot, you are dead. even if you have Annihilator, KpfPz, K91, Progetto 64 with no one to back you up, you are dead. even you buy the most expensive gold tank with no strategy. you are dead. Note that gold tank is to help you to grind more credits, none of the gold tank are too OP. it is well balanced with normal tank that you grind for. dont ever think like "i have to buy gold tank to win, so basically its P2W" stop with that kind of mind. you can grind credits without buying gold tank as well but it might take some time. but you got lot of practise and fun by doing so. and developer is not that cruel, they even gave you daily chest. got lot of stuff you need for daily gaming experience. credit boost, crew exp boost, tank exp boost, 50-300k credit per daily chest sometime its GOLD. how genorous. thankyou developer. take time to aim, take time to think. dont just rush into enemy front line. if you keep rushing and end up dead first on the team, do not blame anyone or the game. i personally will always support developer by buying monthly pass. because just look how much they gave you, the gold, the credits, free experience, new tank, cool backgrounds, discounts exp/tank. 1 time pay and lots of things. please do this every month developer. i really enjoyed it. sorry for my english. i hope you guys understand it. peace no war. all of this is just my opinion.



You don't need to whale on this game you just need to grind finish daily and clan missions the events also gove you alottt of rewards and yeeaahh if you want those tanks from the events you'll 100% need to go P2W.. Sometimes the matchup is bs and your team is sometimes bs aswell but you cant really do anything about that... Tier 7! Tier 7 is litterally fked and yall probably know why if you don't here's a hint "Annihilator" There's alot of glitches but thats what makes this game fun on my POV ofc im glad that they didn't remove the glitches.

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