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i definitely should have done it earlier but here's my review on this game so far (im only on the venti arc)

First off , the graphics are just incredible. Although it is somewhat similar to other games of its genre, it is also very different. This especially applies to its gameplay. Now for context, as y'all know, you need a certain adventure rank to move on to the next story quests and so on and on. And the way to get the xp for increasing the adventure rank, you have to do the 4 daily commissions, just activate the waypoints for a small bonus or world quests . Unless you're like me who doesn't really focus on the story (quests) and has sufficient adventure rank for awhile, you will struggle as u reach the 30's, specifically the late ones. I don't know how dedicated one can be to reach 40 on adventure but it's good for them I suppose.

I don't want to drag this too much so here's the next one, sound and storyline. This time I will go more in depth about the story itself, but before we get there , let's talk about the sound. The sound is pretty unique in its own way. Although it's not the greatest, but it's not the worse by any means. Meaning that I kind of enjoy the soundtrack from the game which made it a slightly better experience. Next one would be the storyline. The storyline is actually kind of interesting (so far) and although the monsters were way too easy to defeat, at least the story line's cool.

Anyway, in conclusion, it's a pretty good game. It's not perfect but it's good enough you know? And I would love to include more but im too tired. So yeah, enjoy the game and its wonderful rates for new characters !! 😃

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Beware this game is almost 7 GB big, eats your battery like a starving pig & turns your phone into a hot potato. Besides all that miHoYo did not disappoint with the graphics, they're mesmerizing & the soundtrack is excellent as well. It's an open world game, so there's a lot to explore. While everyone is talking about Breath of the Wild here, I'm getting some serious Tales of Zestiria vibes from it with all that elemental stuff & entering the city in the beginning. I found the start of the story interesting but after playing more, it lost my interest. It's nice to learn about the world you just dropped in & find comrades along the way, but it seems kinda basic to me & looks like you're gonna be stuck only in this city. Well, it's still just the beginning so maybe later there'll be more to it. Now this game committed 2 serious crimes. 1st crime: Paimon is too adorable 2nd crime: I can't pat the doggos & kitties [大哭] EDIT: This is clearly outdated as I wrote it back in 2020. I played it a few more weeks & then I dropped it, so I don't know what's been added, changed or how much space it takes now. You're better off looking for Reviews that have aged well or are newer



do not download this game it will install a virus called "genshin impact"

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