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Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet



La traduccion al español es exquisita e impeclable, muy probablemente el juego haya sido hecho por un español, la musica es buena y algunos temas son originales, aunque ninguno me encanto veo el gran esfurezo que le dieron, los dialogos son creibles, el arte es hermoso y, aunque el gameplay sea simple y algunas opciones de dialogo no aporten a la trama se aprecian de igual forma, tiene varios finales curiosos y cuenta con pocos personajes a los cuales añade una personalidad remarcable en lo poco que dura, lo recomiendo fuertemente.
la unica queja es lo poco que dura el titulo, pero esta bueno igual.

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It's a cute, wholesome, and friendly story about forming a connection with others! I love how each of the endings is all about becoming friends with the other characters and the art is also pleasing to the eyes! A friend of mine decided to stream this game in our chat and several of us stepped in to voice for the characters. It took longer than an hour to finish through an ending but it was worth the fun! The ending we came to finish together was Butterscotch's ending and it's a wholesome mentor-relationship. By far though, I really love Pastille's ending since aside from the strengthening of the bond between the two, the business was surely blooming to its fullest in my opinion! Also the soundtrack is so relaxing, and it's also one of the reasons why we were lagging during the playthrough! Just taking a moment to appreciate this "bop" soundtracks!

Gacha Magearna


Amazing storyline Amazing Graphics and Amazing Characters designs I love this game !

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