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Fate/Grand Order | English

Fate/Grand Order | English

Fate/Grand Order | English



This game has a chronic case of "You could do it this way, but it would be easier if you had xyz." A lot of events and missions are doable if you use the units you get free, but would be a lot easier with some 5 stars. You get some units whenever you scrape up enough stuff to multi summon, or for the rare paid gatcha. But all the ways to summon still come with two major problems

1. No pity mechanic to boost five stars which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for...
2. Craft Essence AKA Equipment is mixed in with summons; yes that includes paid ones, and those are only useful for events. The better CE is gotten from bonds with your units.

Seriously just give a pity mechanic that builds up until you summon the banner unit or 5 star, and separate CE into a separate pull no one wants their guaranteed 4 star to be the 50th time they see that essence.[白眼]

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