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Magatsu Wahrheit | Global

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I have been craving a mmo for a while now, an I am too broke to pay monthly for WOW or FF14. But mobile mmos can be... not try he highest quality. So when I saw this game in my brain i was like "ah sh!t, here we go again." But is still pre registered for it anyways. And I will say, I am pleasently suprised. It hss fully animated cut scenes that look like trials of cold steel kind of, and has the Alchemist Code combat. All in all it is a nice game. (also perci is best girl)

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Sherrice jackson


Comparing this to the way JP opened you guys are much better off. There's quests for immediate leveling, immediate gathering of materials to evo items, immediate release of the captain weapons. It is weird to me that they split the weapons and the equipment and made the gachas 2% but time will tell if that's a permanent thing. If you like RPGs and you're okay with a gacha element then by all means check the game out.

Jin Pio


https://youtu.be/19ZHqjLKNa4 1. Full HD Gameplay 2. RPG, ACG, Turn Based 3. Language: English 4. Account Login: Google, Facebook

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