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Disgaea RPG | Japanese

Disgaea RPG | Japanese

Disgaea RPG | Japanese

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Dante' Cotton


I'm sorry I wasted my time giving credit to this game. Forward Works you are forever blemished. I will never trust another game or product with this development staff working on it. Now they are restricting access to only a few people, giving some players an unfair advantage over people who can't get into the game. On top of that people on Twitter have posted pictures of people who have hacked the game by giving themselves level 9999 already. They are even IP or region blocking. I can get to the title screen using VPN but still can't login from there. ORIGINAL SCORE: 3.2 UPDATED SCORE: 1.0 (if I could give 0 score I would. ) At least I have Wonder Gravity RPG to look forward to tomorrow. This game is getting uninstalled until a different developer takes over this game which might be never. Ok so far. Definitely better than the SRPG Makai wars that came out earlier.

Jose Alberto Jimenez


disgaea es lo mejor x3

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