Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent | Japanese

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent | Japanese

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent | Japanese

John Knight


Well its pretty nostalgic so far. Same graphics as FF3 in US. Kinda feel cheated with it running on the Unreal engine. Why SE can't use cell shading graphics or live 2D to make it really pop i'll never understand. The game mechanics so far are pretty good as well as the battle mechanics. Its just from a long time squaresoft player i feel cheated in so many ways with them way behind the competition . Don't get me wrong its a good game so far . But I expect innovation from SE and they forever let me down on mobile games.

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You know what it feels like to be really isekai'd? No? Me neither but at least that's how this game will make you feel. You woke up, snow everywhere, and every step you take, there might be something or someone that will ambush you. Of course you can just beat the hell out of them if you want to. It's their fault anyway. [厲害] Welcome to the world of Octopath Traveler! The game is just like any other JRPG you've played if ever you're into those except that it's in 3D! [開心] Oh? It's 2D?! What?! Both?! [驚訝] Oh yeah! It's both! [哇噻] This is why the game really looks awesome! Explore the hand-drawn looking 3D-2D world, meet and talk with people (NPCs), Trade stuff with them, practice fighting with them for buffs, meet new people and add them in your team and... Wait wait wait, hey Sei! you can add any people in your team?! [哇噻] Sure do kid! But you need the power of the red gem stuff to call people and talk to them 1 by 1 everytime you do! [發火] You mean this is a gacha? [可憐] And what do you mean by talking to them 1 by 1? [為什麼] Yes! It's a free to play mobile game. What do you expect? Devs got to have money somehow. You know. [厲害] Also, yes. You talk with every people you will get on the gacha. So if you pulled 10x, you will need to talk to each of them too! Considering you don't have them yet which is kind of time wasting for me. [發怒] Anyway... The game is still story-driven which is a bummer for people that can't read the language but you can feel it. The darkness, the emotion of the VA, and how the pixel characters move and react! It's so good that you might really want to play more of this game if only your VPN won't expire! [大哭] But Sei! There are free VPN apps from the Play Store! Yes... but it's just also a test on how much progress you can do on 7 days. And based on my playthrough, the game is fairly easy to play but still challenging enough to make you fear of losing. But hey! I defeated a level 11 Giant with my lvl 2 Chibis! [開心] So if you're looking for an RPG to play on your phone, take a whim on this game! You might like it that you would wish it's not gacha. [厲害]

Nourdine Ben Ammar


pls english patch..

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