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Grand Alliance

Grand Alliance

Grand Alliance

galeh bram


+ Grafik enak dipandang
+ Storyline bagus bikin penasaran
+ Nggak terlalu Pay2 Win utk pertempuran
+ Cukup enteng di Hp RAM 2GB
+ Dubbing Karakter Bhs. Inggris, lumayanlah untuk belajar Speaking Hehehehe 😅

- Gameplay menurutku cukup membosankan
- Tiap Level kekuatan musuh meningkat drastis

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На старте и кристаллы дают и гача вменяемая и разнообразие режимов но самое необычное тут это подача скиллов...Игра в чем то необычная и это может затянуть на долго это плюс. Есть английский язык...

John Knight


its okay. The story is pretty good . A bit grindy with limited resouces . After recieving mail gifts save 1000k gems until you open tavern . So don't roll all of them they are stingy with gems and top tier units can be bought from tavern each one has prerequisites to be unlocked to appear in tavern. Only issue with that is the gacha has the good 4 to 5 star skills you need to have early success.I think the skill animation could look alot better being the units are like chibi puppets lol.[大哭]

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