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Lord of Heroes

Lord of Heroes

Lord of Heroes

Dimas Dwiputranto


I play this game because MMOByte play this game and it got me interested. And then, I love to play this. But I'm not so hooked with the game because the play is kinda slow, and it hate emulator so this game is now drowning by other games that I invest more into it. So, let's talk about it!


THE GAME GRAPHIC IS AWESOME! I will not tell lies on it! 3D on this game is not hurt your eyes, you can believe me. infact, for smartphone graphic, this is way too much for the graphic in positive way. The movement, the detail, and that face expression, all of this is really leveling up!

But, with great graphics, come great heat. Yes, it will make your phone heat faster because the processor have to work hard and it will decrease you smartphone life so you can't play too much for it if you using some non-gaming smartphone. Yes, at the least, gaming smartphone is needed for.


I kinda neutral in here. While the sound on the character is not that bad, they still not install other language pack on the game. Yes, this is still a Beta. But people want other language on it. Maybe some people just want to English Dub or someone just wanna hear Japanese Dub because they used to it.

I'm not saying Korean Dub is bad. It's just, it not ringing very well in some people who already heard anime so much. But, i can see the potential because this is still beta, and they are yet to come! Especially, this game already become Global!


TURN BASED STRATEGY! They using the old gameplay and it sits well to me! Turn Based Strategy is the one of many important gameplay style that have to be right when some developer using this type of the gameplay. if they doing it wrong, it will be very boring to play the game. but if they do it right, heck, even I can play it for hours. But why I give it 4 stars?

The pace is slow for me. Yes, it is Turn based Strategy, but for me, the pace is slow. So because of that, I give it 4 stars for it.


I can say, it not that bad. The story about the Lord want to unite the continent for freedom, but there's some circumstances that the Lord have to face off. This kind of circumstances can be play by deploy messenger for Alliance treaty, of declare war. And because I'm more to freedom, I always send messenger to form alliance. Not that some country agree to it though so I have to fight them ;D.

The story is not bad, but not that satisfying. But who knows, they will make the story better?


I will put this on two stars. Don't get me wrong, I like this game. And when I wake up, I always open this game first rather than others. But, just that's it. The problem is, my phone will be hot in a minute if i play this game, and I don't wanna cut the phone life. And, for some reason, the game developer hate emulator, that they have their own appguard to prevent us to play in emulator. But this is kinda backfired for them cause people would rather play in Emulator for not only to prevent heat on the phone, but also it's more like to more efficient to play in Emulator because sometimes, you need your phone to do other tasks. So for me, the values in not that good.

Also, the character you get can get from the story so you don't have to spend much money on it. Even the equipment can get from dungeon. So yeah, the value is really that low.

I wanna see how they can manage the game. I wanna see how they can make the player not leaving this game. I wanna see how they survive. because this game had a lot of potential, and I worry about their future.

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After trying for some days, I can share honest opinion about this game. 1. This game is in english but they sometimes play korean chat to mess with us. It's like a secret chat to negate spoiler on story mode. 2. Graphics is good , game is turn based with speed as dominant attribute to get turn. Item has set bonus like MMO. Pretty standard with upgrade and so on. 3. No character gacha but u buy straight. It's super expensive. Some need other currency like real money or other in game currency. 4. At first it feel nice. but at some progress it feel heavy. Your unit will be severely underperformed and need to upgrade to prepare for next level. Level up is slow. Exp potion is given a lot but it's still slow. Very slow. Awakening material also slow even for ur 3* unit at the beginning. The progress on ur team building is slow. 5. Awakening a character doesnt give much benefit. Your character will reset to lv 1, again level up is slow. Very slow... Your skill wont get much upgrade from awakening. You need skill upgrade material from a separate grind. 6. I abandoned this game because it's slow. Sorry guys..[害羞][害羞]



Pretty decent game i was expecting something way more mediocre . Storyline isnt bad Character pretty decent and plus u can select the genre and hair of your main character Sometimes english get replaced with another language Worth a try

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