yoko yokome


okay okay im hooked... its a must to the collection of getting wifu's...but i feel its missing something.

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I really enjoyed this game on browser ( when I played it. I can't say if the mobile will be as good, but I can recommend it at the beginning. Good rates for waifu collection, good gameplay, excellent story (for a mobile game at least), great waifus of all kinds. As f2p I was able to get almost all the characters I wanted and even max them out without issue. And I wanted a lot of the 5*s they came out with. Here's why I quit playing: You need 30 copies of each 5* weapon max its stats. And you need 10 weapons for each character. Event weapons are fine (you're not getting them maxed out without spending, though) but not as good as the gacha weapons, and you'll need those gacha weapons maxed out for raid bosses and challenge quests. And you'll need to beat raid bosses and challenge quests to max out more weapons. It's not something that really affects you at the first few events, but it gets worse each event until I, someone who played from day 1 and spent a lot of time on the game, couldn't even 3* the lowest of the challenge events because I couldn't kill fast enough with ~10 upgrades to each weapon. If you're willing to pay only a little I'd recommend only spending on weapon gachas to max out a few weapons early on. If you're not spending, spend time with your waifus but know that you won't make it a year in this game. P.S. there are h-scenes only if you play on the R-18 side of dmm, so if that matters to you find the browser version.

Breaker hadoo


i've been Searching for Zombies game and what i Found, so Superb! ( JRPG Zombie Game!!!![色色][色色][色色][色色]) this game.. really Amazing.. u have 9 different kind u can use: Katana, Bazooka, Knife,Pistol, Shotgun,Sniper Rifle,Mace,Glove.. andd.... Many Cools Character are Waifus!!! gameplay: Turned Based RPG build Character: according to build Character Brains, to become Super Human like Resident Evil ( i think[開心][耍帥]) gacha: -If U play today until 28 Desember they have Free Gem 1000 gem everyday until limit time - Gacha not Only Waifus but u have to gacha for Weapon (3 until 5 stars [憋屈][可憐]) - little bit Generous but not Brutal.. even Star 4 Character and Weapons can finish the story (reroll 3 times and Got Waifus Limited )(Anastasia Philoa) story: Nice and interesting.. kill Monster like nemesis, Fefeat Gangster and Magician character ( idk coz JPRG, so lazy to translate hahaha) conclusion: This game good and addicted... u only need free your memory for 1.62gb! this game really small but too Addicted [睡覺][睡覺][睡覺][睡覺] i Hope this game long Lasting Good Game DMM Corp ( ... i hope many DMM waifus like this.. never Boring seee all this Girls [鬼臉][鬼臉][鬼臉] ( u knoe what i mean [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻])

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