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D4DJ Groovy Mix | Japanese

D4DJ Groovy Mix | Japanese

D4DJ Groovy Mix | Japanese

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Какой вы любите чай? Зеленый или черный? [鬼臉]



I put storyline N/A because I haven't read any stories yet and it's all in Japanese so I don't think I will read them [開心] A cute game, if you love to DJ you will love this game [色色] Pro's : 1. A really unique gameplay, won't get bored by it 2. A bit like Arcaea to me because of the pink sliders 3. Cute characters, I love Happy Around and Peaky P-Key Con's : 1. Idk if you can change the speed of the notes as I can't understand Japanese.. 2. Again, the graphics of some characters are weird like Starlight (read my starlight review to get what I mean) That's all I think.. So I recommend this game for pro players (newbies can try it too since it's pretty unique) who are bored with bandori [微笑]

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