Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Japanese

Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Japanese

Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Japanese



честно говоря это очень скучно............... очередная проходная ритмуха, коих на рынке и без того куча кучная. типа, от той же бандуры секай мало чем отличается. в плане геймплея по крайней мере. исходя из этого, кстати, я не очень понимаю, откуда у секая столько положительных оценок. из-за узнаваемых и любимых песен? так убери их, заменив на оригинальные — и получится типичная неинтересная ритмуха, которая, скорее всего, потонет в миллиардах других подобных игр. а может, секай цепляет графонием? ну, на вкус и цвет, но даже графон тут какой-то проходной. типичное аниме. без каких-либо изюминок.
не знаю короч.................. пока что посижу чисто ради руи. вот руи ховошенький. всё остальное — уже не очень.

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A real review of Project Sekai [厲害] Pros : + One of the best JP rhythm game right now. So, it have a lot of active players in game. + Full of vocaloid songs. + Have 6 vocaloid characters and male characters. + Have a lot of great 2D and 3D music videos (MVs). + Simple controls. + Several QoL features, imo the most important is changing the amount of live bonus (stamina) consumption per run or song, it can be set to 2 or 3 for optimal rewards or 5~10 for faster run. + Have different size of notes (especially big notes) as an unique mechanic, so higher difficulty charts are more challenging for player. + Fun (or pain) notes based by song lyrics. + Recent songs have some new gimmicks. + New mechanic (trace) is also unique and nice addition for extra challenge and visual, despite i'm very skeptic at first because it looks like a copy from other gacha rhythm games, but turnly it's an improvement. + Side flicks on Proseka can be ignored and it does not affect to combos, despite accuracy will be ruined. + Beautiful card artstyle which difficult to describe. + Less fanservice, eh wait... [大哭] + Very care for story NPCs (like it have an unique art), tho i'm not a story reader. + Original project sekai characters are likeable and have good vocals or covers. + Popular voice actor or seiyuu, mostly come from rhythm, music, or idol series. + Keep releasing new charts and commissioned songs, so that's including introducing some vocaloid song producers and no more hibernation for the popular one. + All of 5 groups have a lot of great songs, especially Vivid Bad Squad and 25ji. + Feature to change song vocals. Including another vocal version, so some song have a bit change of lyrics and feeling/atmosphere. + Have some feature which can't be found in other gacha rhythm games. Even, some features are basically for players who likes to simp or oshi [怪笑] Cons : - Minimum requirements are high. - The game size is too big, especially if download with some MVs or virtual live datas. There are autodelete features, but still nope for virtual live data cmiiw. - 3D MV lag on some devices. - New UI is very modern and refreshing, but it have several new problems. - Lack of game settings and maybe lack of something common which can be found on other rhythm games. - Hard to get limited ssr card you wants, except being a lucksack or whale. - More grinding and farming if the game get a comparison with other gacha rhythm games out there (these are optional tho). - Device dependency, than any other mobile rhythm games out there. Because it's somewhat harder to execute notes timing/accuracy especially on high difficulty charts (start from 28+) without proper device. - Design of most master (highest difficulty) charts are annoying imo, thanks to their bad habit (from overcharting, difficulty spike, thin slides, difficult patterns, etc.). Not good for replayability after getting full combo (FC) or all perfect. Tho playing lower than master diff is still fine. - Approx ⅓ of the total master charts are difficulty 30+, it means they releasing too much of difficult charts (fyi 30 is the level which is the start of huge difficulty jump/gap in game and it's very challenging to FC, even for dedicated proseka players too imo). - Multifinger charts added into the game, so kek, rip dev statement about "all songs are made to be full comboable with 2 fingers". ± Append difficulty came, a new special difficulty where 4 or more fingers are needed to clear the chart. At least, they make it useless for now, so it can be nice for training or simply ignore it. - Recent charts are getting harder and harder. - Most charts difficulty rating are not suitable. Another difficulty rerating when? [不滿] - Quick summary, Proseka charts are designed more for satisfying pro rhythm players. - Matchmaking in multiplayer mode is sometimes full of bugs. - Playing master or append difficulty on multiplayer is less scoring and rewarding, especially if the player or device is suck with accuracy and combos. Even, the majority of Proseka players are picking to play hard or expert difficulty instead. BTW I love proseka, that's why i put a lot of cons, hope they do better with the game in the future~ ----- TL;DR Project Sekai is very aesthetically pleasing, fun, and challenging rhythm game. Also, it have a lot of vocaloid baits, make it very worth to play [哇噻]



Everyone in these reviews seem to be filling it with word spams, so I'll give an actual review for anyone if they see it. If you are looking for a rhythm game that involves tapping a screen, and has vocaloid covers/music, you are in the right place. This game has a very good rhythm game inside of it, with tapping that usually registers and with challenging charts as you move up the difficulty. The difficulty does spike I think between hard -> expert but it is just a matter of moving up levels slowly (or brute forcing it like my sister did, but I digress). The rhythm game is a very nice experience on both mobile and tablet, but I believe a tablet is better for the harder difficulty, however you should take that with a grain of salt as that is just my opinion! Playing on a wide phone is not a pleasant experience for me, since I have small hands, but playing on a phone is not a bad experience or anything, I believe the game does work quite well. The characters in this game are very well-written in my opinion, even the characters you may grow to not like. I personally don't really like Mafuyu as a person but her struggles and her character, for what it is, is well-written. The 5 groups in this game all have their each seperate story with 20 episodes in it, which you unlock by playing songs with cards of the characters in their respective groups, or by reading area conversations in the overworld. The episodes are not very long and give a good introduction of each group and character individually, with the event stories then developing each character with their respective struggles and dynamics with other characters. There have been many events so it is quite hard at this stage to read all of them, I would recommend to read the main story of the group you like the look of the most, and get to know those characters. If any of them appeal to you, then you can read the event stories surrounding that character. There are also side stories for each card which can be unlocked using in game items, so if you are interested in a certain character, these side stories are a good way to know them better. The gacha system is also alright, it is easy to tell whether you have a 3* or 4* based on colour, 3* means yellow and 4* means purple. The indication of a "flip" is also shown clearly, with the floor that Miku steps on turning into a purple circle instead of rainbow or the floor becoming transparent with the purple circle. The rate of a 4* being 3% isn't that bad in my opinion, and there will be occasional Dream Festivals, where the 3% becomes 6%, with special limited cards as well. The cards in this game are also very well drawn, they have a consistent anime style and are very high quality. In JP, as of August 2022 when I'm writing this, the cards have been slowly implementing a newer style with the anime style, with nice colours and illustrations. The card quality in consistent throughout all 4*s and even the 3* cards are still very nice to use if you don't have a 4*. Grinding for crystals in this game is not bad once you know where to look, (I'd recommend looking up some youtube videos before you start) and in the early game it is very rewarding, however once you reach Rank 50 and have played most of the songs with full combo's, crystals become much harder to get. It takes much longer to rank up and playing songs you don't like doesn't appeal to many people. Fortunately, in the JP version, the music library is much vaster than the Global version at the time of writing this. If you want a version which has newer events, more songs and a more updated game, then I would recommend the JP version. Even if you can't speak japanese, there are probably translations out there for the game, and the UI of the game isn't that hard to understand. If you don't want to play the game because of the language, then the Global version is for you. It is currently catching up to JP in events but it has many songs and gives you the same experience. There are many instagram accounts that regularly update and post about Project Sekai on both versions and there are youtube guides out there in case you are confused or need a preview of the game. I hope this review helped! ♡

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