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Fate/Grand Order | English

Fate/Grand Order | English

Fate/Grand Order | English

Rykarue Iriha


The salt is real and rateup feels like a lie. That is why it is good ahahaha

Would love if you can get sq and or ticket again from summon. like 1 sq, 3sq, 10sq or jackpot 30sq. Also if you can send away some servants to fetch some stages for materials so there is a point in raising more servants than you need

People kept saying bad luck and so on. Seems those retards forgot to read or they read but fail to get what RNGsus means. While gameplay is not an issue at all, even low stars are OP AF if you got the synergy right.

CS is quite good as well, they did recover my account.

The only thing worth complain about is the abyss of endless hell. EXP hell, Mats Hell, QP hell, MP hell, and so on.

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I had a house before

Khaizuri Amir


just because you're correct does't mean you're right

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