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Qute Qute Dungeon

Qute Qute Dungeon

Qute Qute Dungeon

Khai Bang Do


yes! graphics, sound and storyline is not good but with me, it is great game! 5 star!

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It's actually decent, better than it felt, dont mind the low rating i just felt like couldnt rate it higher than just ok Graphic: definitely it's weakest point, the sprites felt like a touhou character, hell they had the pichuu death sound Combat: basic turn based rpg, rlly basic, just move and attack no counter or special skills, the only thing set aside is aoe damage and elemental circle There is no story There is no gacha, after each mission you can roll twices for a random character Overall, this is definitely an indie game, would like to see another title with more work putting into it, looking forward to that day

Tristin Hatfill


could use a storyline

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