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World Witches UNITED FRONT

World Witches UNITED FRONT

World Witches UNITED FRONT




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Dimas Dwiputranto


World Witches UNITED FRONT is maybe a decent Strike Witches games that I play in SP (Smartphone). The only one that I play Strike Witches games is the MOBAGE one that really not my style and it's even not Mobile Game, it's Browser Game. Anyway, here's my review on the game based on my opinion. Graphic. Not bad. Not bad at all. The 3D is not clunky in my eyes. And it's not heavy at all. The detail on the model is very clear, especially the *PANTSU* section LOLZ. I already said it's not heavy at all. It because in my experience, 3D graphic is always heavy in my SP. Take example, Blue Oath. Blue Oath 3D is great, but my SP have a little bit problem with the graphic so sometime it will stop in the middle for a few second or there will be lag on the game itself. That's why i prefer play in PC rather than on SP. Now looking at WWUF (World Witches UNITED FRONT), the graphic is not heavy at all. Infact, there's no lag or stop in the middle for a moment. So it's very not heavy in my opinion. Gameplay. It's overview on the top. So you can't see the beautiful of 'B*t'. So it's kinda shame. But the gameplay is easy and simple. Even the tutorial is not long. Just simple as that. And also, there's an auto option, so you just have to be relax while playing the game in auto mode. But, sometimes, you have to play it manual because some mission needed to do manually. But, it also fun doing manually so not problem in there. Story Kinda funny about this one. So basically, the Witches were transport to another paralel world where there's no Witches and no Neuroi. So when I play this game, I was suprise that the developer decide to make it other world development. I think the developer want us to involved on it so it make us as commander of the witches. LoLz. Value. I kinda have conflict in here. In my opinion, you don't have to bought some credit for gacha because the chara star can be upgrade so you don't have to 'Invest' on this game. But on the other hand, I want my WAIFU! So a little 'Invest' will not harm my wallet . . . Maybe. So there you are. you don't have to 'Invest' too much in here, but if you want to get your waifu, then a little 'Invest' will not be a problem. After all, we all want to support this game too, right? And that's my own review based on my opinion itself. If some of you doesn't like it, don't take to heart because each opinion is different. Enjoy the game! Cause i do enjoy it!



De momento despues de hace unas horas despues de su lanzamiento pero parece prometedor espero y a futuro tenga buenos eventos y nuevos personajes habra que seguir viendo para calificarlo como se debe pero de momento es muy dinamico y sin combates automaticos que se agradece muchisimo en un juego de este tipo. [色色]

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