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Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave

Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave

聖闘士星矢 ゾディアック ブレイブ



its an amazing game
you just have to have patience when downloading the data in the game
its suppoused to be a classic game
and take after the old playstation games like soldier soul
alot of people are quick to get frustated and make bad reviews of the game without giving it a proper chance
and of course not every game is the same and will fit the taste of everyone
everyone has different taste so just cause the game didnt work out for some people doesnt mean its okay to bash it

so its safe to say its a good game u just gotta save up on gems and items and do exp dungeons when u reach level 10

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Todo bien pero sigo esperando a que metan a los de Omega y a las Saintias faltantes (>﹏<)

this game will never download. youll play the tutorial of what the game could be but itll never download the full thing for you. itll give up 3/4ths of the way in and pretty much say it timed out or whatever and go back to the tittle screen just to do it all over again. this is a complete waste of time and a game that bandi should either fix now or just drop the server all together becuase they clearly dont care if this app even works or not. how are you giving this over 4 stars? hell how is this over 3 stars? [發火]

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