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Last Origin




Even though I know nothing of the Korean language it doesn't stop me from enjoying this wonderful game. You can understand how the game works by just tapping around and looking at icons. If there is something you don't understand (of course it'll happen if you don't speak Korean) just screenshot and open it in Google Translate. It'll give ya the information you'll need. Overall I prefer to play this game over any other game that is even in a language I understand. It's just that good to me and it's hard to stick to a mobile game. There is a connection issue though. I have been disconnecting quite often but that's ok. Art style is adorable! Gameplay is honestly better than I expected but I just like to look at my peeps fight. Give it a chance! I'm still learning the game.

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Riz Fathur


It's playable now and it's a pretty fun game to play, easy to understand UI, nice gameplay mechanic, and good character design. If you're not the type of people who hates looking at boobs and asses you will enjoy this game. if you love this game, please join our discord channel and help each other. https://discord.gg/sdT8sQf

edrick ravewott


I didn't understand much but I managed to get there I saw some English on the menu but do far I managed it also got 2 's class by spamming random stuff in construction lol[耍帥]

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