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A simple RPG with deep story. Have a really great soundtracks and graphics, you will enjoy beautiful world. different from honkai that have change to mp competition, genshin still remember its roots and design it around single player rpg. unfortunately qooapp community ruined it with account trade or something like that, make this game look like created just for OP meta. that's really annoying tbh

edit: 2 years later
I have retired this game 2 times and still comeback. so the reason why I retired is I rushed the story too much and using guide which make the gameplay faster. usually I need couple weeks to 100% exploration (hour gameplay/1-3 days) but with using interaction map it become half hour game (yup you know it, I don't waste time to appreciate the scenery genshin give when using guide).

advice from me who have played this since launch, don't rush the story. just enjoy the conversation around traveler and don't use the guide from internet unless you haven't solve that single puzzle for days (because either it too hard or you just dumb).

I usually play only traveler (or teaming with character that involved in the quest, just like trial character) when play through story quest and archon quest which it make extra challenging and fresh, I recommend you to get out from your strongest party and do grind other character, stop doing meta party thing. I found it kinda bored if you always play on meta play (and flustered too when I don't get what I expect). I know you want cleared anything as fast as possible but I dont think it healthy in gameplay side unless you're speedrunner or someone who love to flex on how fast you kiled enemies.

I repeat it again, don't rush anything in this game, exploration, character building, story, serenitea pot construction, fishing, event, anything. unless you're a content creator it's fine because they need to entertain people but as regular customer you don't need to follow it.

p.s sorry for the mess English, I'm not native speaker.

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Beware this game is almost 7 GB big, eats your battery like a starving pig & turns your phone into a hot potato. Besides all that miHoYo did not disappoint with the graphics, they're mesmerizing & the soundtrack is excellent as well. It's an open world game, so there's a lot to explore. While everyone is talking about Breath of the Wild here, I'm getting some serious Tales of Zestiria vibes from it with all that elemental stuff & entering the city in the beginning. I found the start of the story interesting but after playing more, it lost my interest. It's nice to learn about the world you just dropped in & find comrades along the way, but it seems kinda basic to me & looks like you're gonna be stuck only in this city. Well, it's still just the beginning so maybe later there'll be more to it. Now this game committed 2 serious crimes. 1st crime: Paimon is too adorable 2nd crime: I can't pat the doggos & kitties [大哭] EDIT: This is clearly outdated as I wrote it back in 2020. I played it a few more weeks & then I dropped it, so I don't know what's been added, changed or how much space it takes now. You're better off looking for Reviews that have aged well or are newer



do not download this game it will install a virus called "genshin impact"

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