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Diva Destiny | Chinese

Diva Destiny | Chinese


kokoropaint β·Mission Exterminator


it isn't that bad! sure, games like the idolmaster mobile games are definitely higher quality...but the song list here is good, the models look nice, and the dances are well done. if you can get over the slight amount of "jank" that comes with chinese releases similar to this one, and you like the songs, i'd definitely try it. also, my PVP/MP experiences have been pretty smooth, only a few hiccups. my internet is horrible and im not in china so idk how but _(:3 」∠ )_

personally im very excited for the JP version so hopefully it will be slightly less p2w as many people have said

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This is unique rhythm game, i like it 9/10 lost 1 because the languange hard to understand This game using chinese languange but the characters voice is japanese - Very Recommended



The Game is pretty good [哇噻], can't wait for the next song they will release [開心][開心][開心]

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