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all good

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We're do i start. the graphics for it's release time on mobile phone's were phenomenal, the gameplay is still among the best even against PC top mmos. if iruna was kept up to date graphic wise and released on console/pc i have no doubt it would run up the charts. the chat system has more pros than cons, only cons are shortened characters and unnecessary censorship, like come on. no body is calling anyone HEBE's anymore. but the pros, group chat rooms were so helpful later on when it released, easily transitions from Talk-Shout-Guild-Group-Whisper easy chat systems make player communications more likely to happen and more fun. solo-ing mmos do get lonesome. which is where parties come in there class plays are jaw dropping, the funnest Bishop I've ever played and so on. Now the biggest pro of iruna is the fact that it was THE TOP GAME as for play for free, no were near pay to win. best equipment is dropped by bosses in a rare drop rate. tickets only gave you exp and drop rate boost. ofcourse there will always be a paying platform otherwise the game would die not everyone cares about gotcha outfits. but the tickets didn't effect your Rare Drop. you had to work hard for that. most games give you drop boosters, even toram (sorry toram) but iruna literally gave you nothing but exp/drop (not rare drop) tickets and gatcha costumes with out additional stats strictly just for fashion. which made the game's players play for years and years without getting bored. so for that Asobimo, I salute you and advise you release a updated Graphic Iruna cross-plateform Biggest Con, isn't the game as it is the community. hacking, you see the game wasn't made with cheatcodes so that con. is something we can only blame on ourselves the community. if you've read all of this. feel free to tell me your opinion on this classic game! 🤣

Kiryto Medina


este juego es muy bueno!!!!! la historia que tiene esta muy bien hecha y no es nada complicado entender

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