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Mr Love: Dream Date | SEA

Mr Love: Dream Date | SEA

Mr Love: Dream Date | SEA



Its a nice otome though I hope that the devs will add the Chinese and Korean Dubbing so that it will be a full set. That way we'll be more than satisfied with this version hehe.

EDIT: [賣萌][賣萌] Only editing this now but the Chinese dub is great![開心][開心][開心]

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update: Dream date version is different than Queen Choice if you are type who enjoy the story with being OC in a game Dream date community is so friendly make you smile all time the events are not stress they release event one by one its fun well this is not Otome game sadly its joseimuke game were player supposed to be role played as a girl who surrounded with 4-5 superhero boys helping you in adventure but this game doesn't give you this chance. its like Visual Novel more you only reader to read about this girl and only wish in your dream to be in her place if you are seeking to find your soulmate this game is not for you unfortunately all boys are for the main character who is not you at all the game is role playing in CH1 only after that The girl in the game takes all the roles even the date section The concept is amazing to be a producer and media feild . I am producer movie maker animator and footag and I really carious and findout everything amazing ! ( as anime only ) but after playing the game I only Level up my studio and karmas I have no interest in story at all . also I dont date because I am not dating there the main girl in story is dating its not fun at all . still this game is fun ! its amazing game I swear!! it can be fixed but many already liked by this way if it can be fixed hope there is castomized option for a girl in mini house 😔 also Gavin must stop talking about past of highschool with the girl and describe her appearance many times

Arielle Regina


I just love the four of them so much [哇噻] at first i thought the game's storyline will be like the typical otome game, but it turns out to be more interesting. I love the english dub ♡ and though you don't have to use real money to play this game, I willingly spent money for this one. because those karmas/card are so gorgeous! I really love it ♡

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