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Class of the Living Dead

Class of the Living Dead

Class of the Living Dead



At the end. I felt the characters should have been keeping up to date with what's happening in their home country - watching news. and seeing if the situation is getting better or not.

Overall, i enjoyed the story line. There should be a sequel and maybe have mutated zombies.

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I gotta say, this just became another one of my personal favorites. I really like how this one was executed. Character designs are [色色]. The MC isn't boring like on some previous others. The plot is progressively well-paced. It's nice to see that the situation can somehow feel realistic despite it being fictional. I like the characters and how they have this emotional and sentient side to them that anyone can relate to and I love how there's always that one person who's going to be a real annoyance to the group xD. In any case, it was handled pretty well. Soundtracks are also 👌. I'm honestly hoping that this gets a sequel (much like some of their otomes that does) because that epilogue at the end left me hanging and (badly) wanting a continuation @_@



I have to pay for options, please have mercy play in that way is imposible

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