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SoulWorker: Academia | Korean

SoulWorker: Academia | Korean

SoulWorker: Academia | Korean



Seems like a glorified idle game. Tbh I was excited for soul worker with better graphics but as a soon as I got to the first instance the excitement was over.

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Arthur Pendragon


Mayan ni game gua jarang ada kendala Spek: Asus Zenfone Max pro M2 64/4 snap 660 °Kalo Segi Graphic Sudah terbilang bagud Dan Smooth apalagi pas Fighting stilenya itu dah smooth but. °Kalo backsound di game cukup lumayan Voice actor juga gk bagus bagus banget . °Gameplay seperti game seperti ni lumayan menarik dengan penambahan Slow Motion saat kita ngeDodge Dan ratenya gacha nya lumayan gk ampas2 banget . °Storyline menurut gua gk terlalu tertarik soalnya kek sama aja ma game yg gini pada umumnya



Oh yeah!!! [開心][開心][開心] Looks cool, like pc version, but not same. I was played in SoulWorker with Steam on PC and it was good warm MMO. But i did it 1 year ago. Dangeon system not same. Not like solo or with team. This it is location for anyone. Story looks like same. Haru skills not like i remember that. And card systems looks not same like pc version. Maybe it is same just looks like not same, but i don't understand it because language. Afterall, like mobile game it's will hot game [賣萌] I will wait global [哇噻] And will very cool, if PC version account can to use in this game, bc i upgrade all characters and have some not bad cards. Do same with zero will harder [大哭] P. S. Time to time in fight game freezing

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